2022 International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Advanced Materials (ICAMAM 2022)

Prof. Yanying Zhao

Academic and honorary titles: Shanghai Youbo, national Xu Zhilun mechanics excellent teacher, the first Wolong star of Nanchang Hangkong University, and the top ten teaching in Nanchang Hangkong University.

Awards: 2007-2016 excellent contribution award for influence improvement of Journal of mechanics.

Achievements: more than 60 papers were published, the highest index of a single paper was 82 times, and 6 patents were applied. Three projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China were awarded. Two projects under the natural science foundation of Jiangxi Province ere awarded..  Two projects of Jiangxi Provincial Department of education ere awarded.. It was supported by the visiting scholar program of young key teachers of Tongji University in 2012, the visiting scholar program of University of Alabama funded by the national foundation for study abroad in 2017, and the 100 person long voyage project of Jiangxi Province in 2017.